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Trojan Today : “Net Collection Rate is Key to a Healthy Dental Practice” – By Christine Taxin

Net Collection Rate is Key to a Healthy Dental Practice

By Christine Taxin

Healthy collections mean a healthy practice. If you’re writing off too many balances or writing off the wrong balances, you and your staff aren’t getting paid for your hard work. Your office needs a clear picture of what’s being paid, who’s paying it, and why some balances are unpaid.

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Trojan Today Classics : “Alan’s Gift” – By David Nelson

dental practice servicesEnjoy this Trojan today Classic from David Nelson, first published October 2010.

Alan’s Gift

By David Nelson

It was a gift I did not notice until years later. In fact, at the time I had very little appreciation for it. Alan was a classmate of mine in kindergarten and first grade. Whenever we had show-an-tell and it was Alan’s turn, the class heard amazing stories of adventure. He told about his two-story tree house, his hideout by the local stream, his spying on strange people in a nearby neighborhood, and many other exciting takes of exotic happenings in the life of a five-year-old.

I became envious of the classmates who were invited over to Alan’s home to partake in his childhood adventures. After hearing the stories for months, my time finally came. I was so excited. That afternoon we went to Alan’s home and did what most kids do.


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Trojan Today Classics : “Understanding Wage and Hour Rules – Especially Overtime” – By Rebecca Boartfield

trojan professional servicesEarly this month, Trojan Today published Rebecca Boartfield’s article on employer sponsored parties. She has been writing insightful articles on hiring and employment practices on a regular basis for Trojan Today. This Classic article appeared in 2012.

Consult with an HR specialist for the most current regulations for overtime in your state.

Understanding Wage and Hour Rules – Especially Overtime

By Rebecca Boartfield

A common and costly wage and hour mistake made by employers involves the failure to pay overtime correctly.

Too often doctors fall for myths that prevail in the industry or follow a colleague’s pay practices without confirming that s/he is handling things correctly.

This is risky. In recent years wage and hour claims against employers have increased 44% nationwide. Collectively, employers paid $363.6 million last year as a consequence of inaccurate pay practices, which include improper overtime pay.


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