Trojan Today Classics: “The Challenges and Rewards of Multiculturalism” – By David E. Nelson

The Challenges and Rewards of Multiculturalism

By David E. Nelson

From April 2011

I lived the first decade of my life in a small town in South Central Nebraska. I thought everyone shared a home with a Mom and Dad and couple of siblings. I assumed everyone took a bath on Saturday night and got dressed up on Sunday morning and went to a church. Everyone dressed pretty much the same, influenced by the rural lifestyle that dominated our space. My family insisted I become aware of the world outside our village, but it was usually through pictures and stories, not the real thing. My world was quite small and very comfortable.

Today I live in a city of a million and a half. We have neighborhoods that reflect the energy and culture of every continent. I am part of the Interfaith Council that recognizes and celebrates fifteen different world religions. I can’t imagine a quality life without my ”family members” of a rich variety of language and ethnic heritages. This place is not better (or worse) than the small town where…

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