Trojan Today Classics: “Managing Success” – By Dale Tucci

Originally published in 2013, this Dale Tucci article looks at different types of leaders.

Managing Success

By Dale Tucci

From February 2013

Over the past twenty-five years as a management consultant I have enjoyed helping people succeed and manage success. Success is defined in the Oxford dictionary as: noun 1. a favorable outcome; doing what is desired or attempted; the attainment of wealth, fame, or position. 2. a person or thing that is successful.

I believe business success cannot be attained or managed until the business owner defines success in very precise and personal terms. Sounds simple! In truth this fundamental step is often overlooked or avoided by so many leaders. The premise here is straightforward: you cannot hit a target until it is in your sight.

If you are like many business professionals, you can skip the foundational work and rely on outsiders to define and recognize your achievements. In fact, professional advisors, such as accountants, may reinforce your success by comparing your achievements relative to industry norms. This benchmark method is valuable but in the context of personal success this alone may be insufficient to result in a sense of personal satisfaction. The true measure of success is based on your personal definition and level of fulfillment.

Success truly is measured against internal beliefs, goals, and values. Therefore, the most powerful accolades are those you give yourself. At the end of the day, your personal sense of achievement will fuel future actions to propel success and manage it going forward.

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