Trojan Today Classic : “Feel Feelings. Make Good Decisions.” – By David E. Nelson

Another great article form David Nelson is one of our Trojan Today Classics for February.

Feel Feelings. Make Good Decisions.

By David E. Nelson

From July 2015

I am writing this article as another bombing trial is wrapping up. My hometown baseball team is struggling with behaviors that resulted in suspensions for some of our best players. Another city is shut down because of legal and appropriate protests that have turned into violent acts of destruction by a few. For the first time in the history of major league baseball, a game is being played without a single fan present, for fear of further violence. On a more personal level, I know several families where communication has been suspended because of hurt feelings that occurred years ago. There are workplaces where people can barely tolerate coming to work because other employees have offended them.

What is going on? Why are some people unable to navigate the waters of their lives without offending and hurting others? Why do people allow their feelings to result in behaviors that hurt others and themselves? Why do we all sometimes “loose it” and say or do something we later regret?

Feelings can become so strong they result in behaving without thinking. A person yells a threatening word and gesture and, before reflection can take place, someone yells or acts back.

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