What Clients Say

“Trojan's Managed Care service is so valuable we wouldn't know how to function without it! The days of looking through 4 inch 3 ring binders are over! Woo Hoo! Get the service I promise you will not regret it!”
Anabel, Office Manager

“I love Trojan so much because you have the opportunity to view the plan of an HMO fee schedule plan on a screen at the touch of a button, no more searching thru pages and binders for every single insurance company and be able to link it to the patient is the greatest.”
Vanessa, Office Manager

“Trojan's Managed Care service has been a benefit to my practice, saving time on verifying patient benefits and fee schedules. No more flipping the provider manuals looking for fee schedules. Thank you Trojan!”
Nannette, Office Manager

“Trojan's Managed Care service has been very helpful. We accept several HMO's and if your office takes these plans you know that there are hundreds of schedules. With Trojan's Managed Care service, these schedules are downloaded into the system when you download a plan. On the average it take our office approximately 20-30 minutes to enter a schedule manually. It is definitely a time saver!”
Jamie, Office Manager

“Trojan's Managed Care service is very easy to use, quick and accurate. Being able to print a treatment plan for a patient with the copayments rather than looking them up in the manual saves a lot of time.”
Vanessa, Front Office

“I have worked with Trojan for several years. I am pleased to recommend the Managed Care service. I used their services for eligibility, collections and HMO benefits. They have made our office very efficient.”
Leticia, Office Manager

“I can't tell you enough just how instrumental Trojan's services have been for me and the dental office. The accuracy and speed at which Trojan works to get the proper information to me is outstanding. I can't think of an error they've made and the people providing the service are not only friendly and responsive, but they go the "extra mile" with phone calls, faxes, and making sure all questions are answered. Their services are essential. I highly recommend them.”
Art, Office Manager

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