What Clients Say

“The secret to collections is to get serious. Instinct tells you this patient is not going to pay. By referring this patient to Trojan, you are letting them know you are serious. We have found the 'Trojan Letter' to be an effective tool for our practice.”
Sharon Sheldon, Financial Manager

“Our office has used Trojan Professional Services for many years and we are very satisfied with the results we receive from them. After our patients are 90 days past due we send them out their final notice. Many patients still do not respond to this statement. It takes receiving a notice from Trojan Professional Service to get the patient's attention. It is worth utilizing their services to be able to get these accounts paid off in full.”
Holly Braden, Patient Billing

“I have used Trojan Collection Service for the last 11 years; I could not do my job without it. If contemplating a move to another office I would make sure Trojan Services were a must have. The Collection Services is a real help and I have great results, no nickel and dime just a flat rate for the help. Thank you Trojan for creating this service it makes me look good!”
Dyan Heath, Office Manager

“Our dental office has had great success using Trojan Collection Services. We have used other collection agencies in the past and none have compared to Trojan. Thanks to Trojan our office has received money on overdue accounts that we otherwise would've had to just write off.”
Ashley Beck, Office Manager

“We have used Trojan Collection Services for over 8 years with good results. They have helped me collect over $25,000 in bad debt. They are so easy to use.”
Cindy Munro, Business Manager

“The dental practice of Dr. Freeman has been successfully utilizing the services of Trojan Professional Services since 1987. The success rate of retrieving delinquent funds has been excellent. In addition, Trojan employees are exceptionally courteous and professional when called upon with a question or concern. Their knowledge of collection rules and standards are always useful and helpful and in general we are completely satisfied with their service and plan to use Trojan Professional Services for many years to come!”
Linda De Vincenzo, Financial Administrator

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