What Clients Say

“There are many things I appreciate about Trojan. Their letters and reports are clear and concise. I have always been happy with their phone service. And in these hard times, I also appreciate their support of our efforts and that they act in a kind manner towards our patients. I feel that we have always received amazing service at an amazing price. We couldn't be happier with Trojan”
Emma Moomey, Accounts Receivable

“Our patients are impressed with our ability to understand and discuss their insurance plan with them. This removes much confusion up front and makes it easier for us to collect their copayment at the time of service. This has helped us reduce billing and maintain a positive rapport with our patients. Trojan Service is a integral part of our practice.”
Donna Parr, Office Manager

“With Trojan I can keep up with all the new insurance plans. The staff is always personable and very professional. With one phone call, one fax, they are always on the other end of the line to help me out. Being a one person front desk it is always helpful when you can depend of someone else.”
Kim Davis, Front Office

“Trojan service is invaluable in our practice. The information provided by the knowledgeable, friendly staff allows us to provide accurate insurance information to our patients and precisely estimate co-payments. The response time to our inquiries are always prompt, updates are timely and easy to install.”
Jacqueline Torfin, Office Manager

“Up-to-date insurance info helps to keep our office sane! Having Trojan in our office is not just helpful or needed, it's mandatory! Some patients present with little or no insurance info. They may have outdated cards, incorrect insurance co info, bad address. One simple question to them “where do you work?” gives me everything I need to locate their plan on Trojan. Trojan's printable insurance coverage has ended some patient/staff confrontations before they even begin; we print out insurance coverage when the patient tells us everything for them is covered at 100%. The ability to show the patient in black and white that there are levels of coverage, nips that problem in the bud! After years and years of Trojan success stories, I would be hard pressed to work at any office that would not make Trojan available to its staff!”
Mary Ann Cassidy, Administrative Assistant 

“My office manager says she will quit without it. Very comprehensive, very accurate, a necessity for accurate financial arrangements, and a great patient education tool.”
Bruce Stephenson, DDS

“Trojan provides us complete and up-to-date benefit information to give us a more accurate estimate of patient co-payments. I no longer have to wait months for pre-approval from insurance companies; Trojan allows us to start treatment faster. Trojan support response is very timely in researching needed benefits. Our case acceptance has gone up considerably since we  have implemented Trojan.”
Janine Bell, Office Manager

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