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What Clients Say

“There are many things I appreciate about Trojan. Their letters and reports are clear and concise. I have always been happy with their phone service. And in these hard times, I also appreciate their support of our efforts and that they act in a kind manner towards our patients. I feel that we have always received amazing service at an amazing price. We couldn't be happier with Trojan”
Emma Moomey, Accounts Receivable

“Our patients are impressed with our ability to understand and discuss their insurance plan with them. This removes much confusion up front and makes it easier for us to collect their copayment at the time of service. This has helped us reduce billing and maintain a positive rapport with our patients. Trojan Service is a integral part of our practice.”
Donna Parr, Office Manager

“With Trojan I can keep up with all the new insurance plans. The staff is always personable and very professional. With one phone call, one fax, they are always on the other end of the line to help me out. Being a one person front desk it is always helpful when you can depend of someone else.”
Kim Davis, Front Office

“Trojan service is invaluable in our practice. The information provided by the knowledgeable, friendly staff allows us to provide accurate insurance information to our patients and precisely estimate co-payments. The response time to our inquiries are always prompt, updates are timely and easy to install.”
Jacqueline Torfin, Office Manager

“Up-to-date insurance info helps to keep our office sane! Having Trojan in our office is not just helpful or needed, it's mandatory! Some patients present with little or no insurance info. They may have outdated cards, incorrect insurance co info, bad address. One simple question to them “where do you work?” gives me everything I need to locate their plan on Trojan. Trojan's printable insurance coverage has ended some patient/staff confrontations before they even begin; we print out insurance coverage when the patient tells us everything for them is covered at 100%. The ability to show the patient in black and white that there are levels of coverage, nips that problem in the bud! After years and years of Trojan success stories, I would be hard pressed to work at any office that would not make Trojan available to its staff!”
Mary Ann Cassidy, Administrative Assistant 

“My office manager says she will quit without it. Very comprehensive, very accurate, a necessity for accurate financial arrangements, and a great patient education tool.”
Bruce Stephenson, DDS

“Trojan provides us complete and up-to-date benefit information to give us a more accurate estimate of patient co-payments. I no longer have to wait months for pre-approval from insurance companies; Trojan allows us to start treatment faster. Trojan support response is very timely in researching needed benefits. Our case acceptance has gone up considerably since we  have implemented Trojan.”
Janine Bell, Office Manager

“I am amazed at the ease of this service. I can review charts and verify benefits in half the time it used to take when done manually. I am so happy we can save valuable time and spend them with our patients instead of on the phone with insurance companies. We are now able to build stronger relationships with our patients instead of being on the phone. We contact Trojan when a patient comes in with new insurance and Trojan gets us the information faxed before the patient leaves our office so we look extremely efficient. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone that needs to save time.”
Dana Thompson, Office Manager

“Our dental office has been a Trojan Professional Services client for over 12 years. During that time Trojan has provided our office with outstanding quality of benefit insurance information for our office and for our patients. They also have a personal and timely customer service department along with a very knowledgeable software support department. Since we have had the insurance benefit services in our office, it has helped our office with all our insurance needs and also has helped effectively evaluate our patient's insurance information. I would highly recommend Trojan Professional Services to all dental offices.”
Dr. Catherine Kaplan

“Thank you for making my job a lot easier!  If there's an office out there that does not have Trojan, tell them to call me. You cannot run a front office effectively without it. Simple, easy, fast.”
Pamela Foster, Office Manager

“I consider it an honor to express how much Trojan Benefit Services means to our office. First of all, it is one of the best investments our office has ever made. I am always surprised in talking with an occasional office to discover that they do not use Trojan. I highly recommend taking advantage of this service. Having Trojan Benefit Services is an awesome aid. We can quickly access the insurance plan benefits right at our fingertips in the computer while the patient is in the office. When the plan is not in the computer, with one phone call to Trojan the research is done for us. This saves us time in our very busy practice; no long telephone calls and waiting on hold with insurance companies. Trojan Benefit Service helps us to communicate more effectively with our patients, enabling us to provide the kind of customer service that we pride ourselves on. There is another bonus to having benefits readily available at the time of the appointment. It enables us to explain the patient co-payment, collect it and save the cost of a billing statement. I cannot over-emphasize what an outstanding and highly beneficial asset Trojan is. In the 20 years we have enjoyed this service, we have found the customer service at Trojan to be outstanding.”
Deborah Long, Dental Practice Administrator

“Our goal here at our dental practice is to verify patients' dental benefits efficently and in a timely manner. Your professional services assist us in doing that. We have been able to verify that our patients have benefits as well as assist them with information about their dental benefits. Thank you Trojan for your continued support.”
Heather Gray, Office Assistant

“I have used Trojan Services in various forms for the last 18 years. I cannot imagine not having it. Everyone at Trojan is extremly professional and always helpful. I love the ease of being able to download updates now, I can do it weekly and no longer have to wait for the monthly discs. It is so much faster. Thanks for your years of service.”
Tracy Smith, Front Office 

“We are a small but extremely busy practice, and until Trojan became available in our area, many hours were wasted chasing insurance information that in many cases was incorrect. In most cases, when we are looking for a specific insurance plan it can be found easily. Eliminating the delays in insurance information has given us a greater turnaround on claims and a happier and more productive front office. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work.”
Katherine, Office Manager

“Trojan is very helpful in our dental office because of all the great insurance information that is right at our fingertips. We use it all the time, especially concerning young adults who need fluoride or sealants. These two procedures have age limitations and Trojan seems to always have the correct information.”
Liz Dunn, Receptionist

“We have used Trojan in our dental office for over 10 years and have found the information to be accurate and regularly updated. We appreciate that because we can then be comfortable that we are giving our patient correct information about their insurance benefits and coverage. All of the employees we have dealt with at Trojan are knowledgeable and courteous. We highly recommend Trojan Professional Services.”
Nancy Jo Baker, Office Manager

“Trojan is working for us every day. I am sure I could never work in an office that didn't have Trojan Services. Too much time would be spent on the phone to insurance companies, correcting errors and apologizing to patients for charges they were sure they were not responsible for. Trojan keeps us on top of the business. Most of all you keep us #1 with our patients.”
Suzanne Indrehus, Practice Administrator 

“My business has benefited from using Trojan Professional Services for the last 3 years. We are a dental practice that takes several insurance plans and Trojan services keeps our computer system updated with accurate plan information. This service cuts down time used for data processing. It makes being able to present a patient his/her treatment plan with near preciseness according to the patients' actual insurance benefits. I don't ever forsee my office not using Trojan Professional Services.”
Dr. Leslie Bonner

“Trojan Benefit Service is a great PR tool for our office. Our busy general practice office has used this tool for the past two years. As receptionist/office staff, I work with Trojan every day and find it extremely helpful. Many of our patients do not fully understand their own insurance benefits or know who their actual carrier may be. Trojan instantly provides key information for each individual patient on demand. Our patients are very impressed with our ability to give them their own insurance information, coverages and limits to print to take home. Support is always friendly and helpful. I can easily update the software online whenever needed. We could not be as efficient in our office without this excellent product.”
Sheryl Hamrick, Receptionist 

“Years ago, I began working in a dental practice that had Trojan Professional Services. Unfortunately, I had no understanding or training in use of Trojan so I continued to spend precious hours contacting insurance commpanies on my own and manually entering carrier information for billing. When I began my career at Los Alamitos Dental Care, Trojan was being used to the fullest. I was introduced to the benefits of using Trojan. Utilizing Trojan properly has positively affected many of the areas we work with. Since we have utilized Trojan for years, our insurance database has grown large. I can view insurance plans at any time and give the patient an easy to read printout. With Trojan, we have access to insurance information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if a carrier's PO Box changes, Trojan's updates will automatically make the change in the practice management patient file. Our production is directly affected because Trojan saves us hours of time chasing down insurance information. Our staff has time to give each patient undivided attention, allows us to gain immediate case acceptance, keep our appointment books full and pursue internal marketing strategies, all of which affect our bottom line production and collections. It would be a setback to work in a dental office without Trojan; I strongly recommend it.”
Lise Kim, Office Administrator

“We have been using Trojan Benefit Services for several years now. At first we only used the Credit Reporting Service that is very effective. Then we added the Insurance Express Benefit Program. It gives us the ability to get a patient's insurance benefit information and import the information directly to the patient's computer record. It is quick and easy. The monthly updates are also quick and easy to download. If we ever have a plan we can't find, we can either request benefits directly from within the ACE software program or call Trojan. We like having the option to speak with someone in person. The services are great and the staff is always friendly and helpful.”
Sherry Dorsey, Office Manager  

“I had not worked or had known of Trojan until about two years ago. I had been involved with a Teleconfrence with office managers throughout the United States through our dental supply company. A few of the ladies started talking and praising the benefits of the Trojan program. We had a few miss starts in the beginning but Trojan was very attentive and supportive of our needs. I was very impressed when the CEO of the company came on the phone to help with a situation. I have worked very closely with Trojan and they always went above and beyond to help me with questions or problems. The employees at Trojan truly are the backbone of your company. They are extremely patient. The Benefit Service program has been a very useful and important tool in our practice. I am able to ascertain patients benefits and responsibilities while here in the office. This makes for a higher rate of patient acceptance before they walk out the door. I like to use the phrase to our patients that an educated patient is our best patient. Having the ability to use Trojan makes this possible.”
Lauri Mindick, Office Manager

“We have been satisfied with Trojan Professional Services. Your customer services is excellent. The maximum wait time to reach a live person is 30 seconds. One of the services is the fact that we can find a person's insurance carrier with just the employer name. This service is beneficial because we have many patients that do not know their dental insurance carrier. Another great service is the real-time instant eligibility for most carriers that gives us the deductible, maximum, and remaining amounts of insurance. We would highly recommend Trojan Professional Services to any dental practice.”
Clark A Izu, DDS

“Our office has been using Trojan Beneit Service for approx six months with very positive results. We knew going into this that our practive fell within a “developing service area” and that we would be requesting benefit information more frequently than practices in a fully developed area. Even considering this fact, our staff loves Trojan! Requesting benefit information literally takes a few moments online and we receive the info back by fax by the time we specify. Our office runs weekly updates that are added to our database. This process is also very simple and only takes about five minutes to complete. Lastly, when we do call for customer service, our questions are answered quickly and friendly.”
Sara, Office Manager

“As a manager and a Dentrix Certified Trainer I have first hand knowledge of what an asset this software is for any practice. The time alone it saves not to mention the $ in researching patient benefits and eligibility is priceless. The program also helps with treatment plans estimate accuracy which assists in keeping receivables in control. It's truly a must have for every office.”
Jennifer Melton, Dentrix Trainer

“I have been using Trojan for over 10 years. I can't even imagine trying to effectively do my job without it. Trojan provides our office with accurate up-to-date insurance benefits as well as a wide range of Employers to choose from. Updating Trojan online is fast and easy. Trojan would be an asset to any office.”
Carol Rodgers, Office Manager

“The first time I used your product it was produced on microfiche and I viewed it under a magnifying lens. Technology changes and your product have kept up with these changes to continue providing a necessary product for all dental offices that process insurance claims. I recommend your product to all I know who are involved with Dental Office Management as a reliable information source and  a true timesaver.”
Belle M DuCharme, Office Manager

“Trojan Services has been helpful in our office for finding out patients benefits and what they pay out of pocket. Also linking Softdent to Trojan, patients benefits are right in our Software.”
Pat Brower, Office Manager

“Dr. Russell has been a client of Trojan since 1999. It has always been an easy pleasant experience working with them and they have never let us down.”
Lorri Rea, Office Manager

“If efficiency is important in your practice, then Trojan is an invaluable tool. The information that you can access in Trojan within seconds allows you to schedule Hygiene appointments and treatment for your patients with confidence. You can not only let them know if procedures are covered, but the frequency and their estimated portion due. Trojan is like having your own 'insurance specialist' right in your office.”
Jill Bishop, Office Manager

“I love it when Trojan has our patients insurance benefits readily available. My job goes so much faster entering their data and presenting treatment plans becomes more thorough. Patients appreciate prompt estimates and it helps case acceptance.”
Stephanie Lowe, Scheduling Coordinator

“I am happy to praise Trojan Professional Services. Since acquiring their services about 8 years ago, I have been very pleased with the less obvious help it provides. In a day when the provider may access the carrier's eligibility and benefits through the internet, Trojan gives me much more immediate information. Internet provider sites are slow, cumbersome and difficult to navigate. In addition, as more and more insurance companies refrain from providing the member with ID cards, Trojan provides a ready and quick method to ferret out their true coverage. So many patients have only a vague idea of their carrier and Trojan's employer database has saved us so much time, with increased cash flow resulting from sending to the right carrier the FIRST time.”
Muriel Peterson, Office Manager

“We have utilized Trojan Professional Service for several years. We have found that it saves us hours of time verifying our patients benefits for use. Their software works easily with Dentrix and I feel confident that when I present a treatment plan for a patient it is the most current insurance information. I highly recommed their services.”
Michelle Schmitz, Financial Coordinator

“I often have patients calling or coming in for appointments not knowing their insurance information. They are very impressed when they realize with Trojan Software I can find their insurance information based on employer name or group number. It is very convenient for them. Plus, all I do at that point is click a button and all the insurance information is transferred to the patients billing account. I do not have to manually type in name, address payer ID group number etc. The patient's coverage and benefit details are available then too. I have happily been using Trojan for over 6 years in different offices. It makes my job so much easier!”
Jamie Nickel, Manager

“I have been with Trojan since 1998 in this location. When I first came on board it was a handwritten estimate with a handwritten appointment slip with of course the original handwritten appointment book. With Trojan's help this office has transformed over the years. We are on Dentrix Software and with Trojan integration with our system it's made a dynamic effect on our practice. We are now able to prepare estimates in an instant. We have left the stone ages and with Trojan's help are ready for the future. We highly recommend anyone looking to get out of the stone ages of handwritten estimates to integrating Trojan into your software. With the trust we place in Trojan, we back each other up. It takes a team to make any practice successful and we consider Trojan part of our team.”
Vicky Candido, Office Manager

“Trojan has been a wonderful tool for our office.  Having the insurance plans on hand is very helpful. Thank you for making life easier.”
Angela Menard, Office Manager

“Trojan insurance service is our most valuable tool. It has helped us for more than 10 years to give accurate and up-to-date information to our patients. Their staff is courteous and very helpful. We are proud to have them as an extension of our staff.”
Sandra Gomez, Insurance Coordinator

“Trojan Benefit Service has been a valuable tool in our practice for several years. We are able to help patients manage and make the most of their dental benefits. We have their coverage information at our fingertips and don't have to sit on hold waiting for insurance companies to give us information. It's easy to download the updates on a regular weekly basis so we have current benefit information for our patients. Trojan is an invaluable tool.”
Carol DeBels, Receptionist

We have been signed up with Trojan Professional Services for approximately 15 years and it was the best thing that Doctor ever did for his front staff. Insurance can and is complex and confusing and this service has provided his financial/scheduling coordinator with such confidence and factual information to relay to the patients. We are able to print off the insurance guidelines which we provide to the patient and this is beneficial due to the easy and understandable format. Patients are pleased with the copies which they receive so they are able to travel from office to office if a referral is indicated. The staff at Trojan is easy to deal with and will provide the information as soon as they are able to make contact with the employer and insurance company. My recommendation to any Doctor is to provide your front staff with the tools to make your treatment, collections and office stand out from the others and Trojan is the way.”
Connie Gleason, Scheduling Coordinator

“Recently we switched to another software management program and we maintained Trojan's exceptional services for insurance updates and eligibliity inquiries. You've got the most courteous, friendly and professional staff, therefore I enjoy working out details through your company. Thank you for your support.”
Lou Posadas, Treatment Coordinator

“The benefit of having Trojan services in our office has been crucial to the services we strive to provide for our patients. Having an updated insurance plan at our fingertips for when we are discussing treatment plans and fees with the patient, we can provide them with a complete idea of their insurance benefits in turn enabling us to discuss financial options with a whole picture and making firm payment arrangements with them increasing our collection ratio. Our office also relies very heavily on Trojan to research a patient's insurance information. Many times, patients have not been provided a dental insurance card or sometimes don't even know who their carrier is. Trojan's support team is able to provide information to us quickly and professionally. We would highly recommend Trojan to any office wanting a more efficient and up-to-date service providing assistance for their insurance needs.”
Tammy Schott, Scheduling Coordinator

“There were times I tried to extract very simple information from insurance companies. Between outsourcing and having to deal with people who really didn't know what button to push to get the informaton out of their computer that I needed, I was losing a lot of time and my hair. I wanted to pull out great big gobs of it, I was soooo frustrated! Now with Trojan, I make a simple phone call, and they do the rest! It saves so much time and time is money and I have all my hair! I love Trojan. Thanks to all.”
Leslie Wallace, Office Manager

“I have had the privilege of using Trojan's services for over twenty years. Trojan has made my job much easier but more importantly, more efficient and accurate. I have spoken with Bruce for many years and feel like I know him. He is a true professional and a definite asset to the company. All of the research team are wonderful. I can not imagine doing my work without Trojan. I am looking forward to many more years with Trojan.”
Jill Campbell, Administrator

“Here at Parker Dental Associates, we have been clients of Trojan Professional Services for quite a few years now and our service has always been very good. Whenever I need to call, your team has always been on the mark in a timely manner. I recently had a technical problem that was handled in an excellent manner by Jodi from your technical dept. I've also had need to use your collection dept once and that went well too.”
Lee Pratt, Office Manager

“One of the best & easist ways to do insurance billing. Integrates very easily with Easy Dental and does a great job in updating patient insurance info.”
Dr Howard Edelman

“Trojan Professional Services provide valuable services to our office. Their staff are friendly, professional and accurate in providing information regarding patient benefits and eligibility. Frequent updates help us to be more efficient. Thank you Trojan Services for all your help and hard work.”
Dr Thomas Vahdani

“Our entire office really appreciates having the insurance breakdown at their fingertips. The business office especially loves that we no longer need to make the phone calls to get that information.”
Pat Kirkpatrick

“Trojan is absolutely a fantastic service that our practice cannot do without. Without Trojan Services we would spend at least 15-20 minutes (per patient) on the phone with insurance companies seeking dental benefits -- costing a lot of money and time. Having access to Trojan Service allows us to pull up contract benefits for all of our patients. If benefits are not found in the Trojan system the outstanding staff at Trojan will have the benefits faxed to us, usually within 30 minutes of our phone call. Trojan has been part of our practice for 15 years now, and we will continue to use them for many more.” Dana Corwin   “Trojan is a great company. Anytime I can't find a plan I give them a call. They will look to see if it exists and if it doesn't they do all the research for you to get it added. Then they fax you back the plan with trojan ID #. Can't beat that.”
Dawn Miller

“Not only Trojan Services makes my life easy but it works hand & hand with our Dentrix software.”
Raul Matute

“We have absolutely benefited with having Trojan for researching our patients' insurance. Trojan is reliable, responds quickly and is very easy to use. Can't imagine ever going back to the days without their professional services. Doing the updates take minimal time. Best thing ever happened for our office.”
Johanna Bolt, Office Manager

“Our office has had a seven year relationship with Trojan Professional Services. I have found this company to be well run and a pleasure to deal with. The benefits to using the services of Trojan are as follows. 1) Polite and friendly staff 2) Quick turnaround time in processing new insurance plans. 3) Efficient in resolving and updating old plans. 4) Cost efficient on a monthly basis. 5) Easy transmission of daily electronic claims using DrDirect.”
Seth Lutzky, Office Manager

“Trojan is extremely helpful when updating the employer benefits. Saves the office time by not having to spend time calling insurance companies.”
Jeanette Lobato, Office Manager

“I have found Trojan to be very helpful and always very polite. We have been using Trojan's Benefit Service since July of 1985, and find it an invaluable tool for our practice. It is quicker than going on-line to each individual carrier or using their fax-back services. It is simple to get to, especially with your Trojan link pulled directly into our computer software system. It is rare that an employer is not already in your database. We like the details you provide on the plan benefits, like sealant age, levels of coverage, dependent age limits, frequencies, etc. This information also helps us educate our patients about their dental benefits. Trojan employees are terrific! They are courteous, prompt in getting information to us via fax and with the follow-through in updating their database. And their internet-based update system is faster and more convenient than the old CD updates We highly recommend Trojan Benefit Service for any office.”
Robyn Adkins, Consultant

“We used to spend hours a day calling insurance companies to get a full breakdown of benefits. Our office now runs more efficient and productive thanks to Trojan. Your services have helped our office tremendously; we can't just pick one service that we like since we love all the services you provide us. Thank you Trojan for being a part of our office every day.”
Wendy Oxciano, Front Office

“I have been using the Trojan Benefits Service for almost a year. I have never had this service with any previous employer. I can not believe how incredible it is!! It has made my job so much easier. I have found at least 95% of all employers that I am looking for on the system. So many times patients have their social security numbers, or their group numbers, but they do not have their cards, especially when the insurance is in the name of the spouse. I have been able to locate the insurance information for my patients through the Trojan system using the insured's employer information. It is AWESOME! I must also add that out of the plans that I have found on Trojan, I have had 100% accuracy with the information. Our patient's think we are magicians! It takes away from their already stressful visit when we can tell them that we found their insurance information using our Trojan System. I would highly recommend this system to anyone wanting to go above and beyond for their patients!!”
Kay Roberts, Office Manager

“I have used Trojan Professional Services for years. If I go to a new office I bring it on board as part of daily use. I tell any Practice Manager or Dentist that asks, to introduce Trojan to their practice. I especially enjoy that it integrates with my dental software system.”
Bridgette Boykin, Practice Manager

A while back I read an article in the Harvard Business Review titled “The One Number You Need to Grow” by Frederick Reichheld. And that made us wonder about what our Trojan clients thought. So, we began randomly sampling our client base, sending a one question survey, gathering the responses then compiling the data.

We thought you might be interested in those responses. We were.

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