Insurance Tracking

“I would like to compliment you on your excellent Insurance Tracking service.
The time it frees up in our office on a daily basis is abundant.
We are now able to spend our time on the important things that our patients expect, which is to deliver first-class customer service.
It's as if more hours in the day have been created for us!”

Joel Cowden, Administrator

Insurance Tracking

Increase collections and staff productivity

You did everything right. You helped your patient achieve better dental health and billed their insurance for them. Now you're paying even more for hours and hours of time your staff spends on getting the insurance companies to do what they are supposed to do.

Eliminate the time your staff spends tracking down insurance payments from dental carriers.  Why not let Trojan's Insurance Tracking Service increase cash flow from carriers so your staff can focus on activities that increase production?

What Trojan does so you won't have to:

  • Manage your entire insurance aging report
  • Contact every dental carrier that has not paid you on time,
    determine the status of each claim,
    identify the issues impeding payment, and
    provide weekly status reports to your office
  • Enhance internal control to prevent embezzlement activity
  • Request cancelled checks from carriers whose payments were never posted
  • Carrier Website Registration

In other words, increase collections and staff productivity!
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How to Start?

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“After many years of knowing how well the Benefits Service worked, I was anxious to try the new Insurance Tracking with a client. The office had been sitting on insurance claims for many months without collecting. The problem had become such an issue that it was nearly impossible for one person to work through these claims. I was excited to find the results were outstanding. I recommend everyone who takes insurance in their office to utilize this service.”
Donna A. Sheldon
Sheldon & Associates

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