Verify Your Patient's Eligibility in Seconds!

  • Reduce time calling for patient eligibility and benefits
  • Avoid waiting for faxes
  • Avoid visiting multiple websites
  • Improve claim acceptance
  • Responses can be printed and placed in your patient's folder

Verify Your Patient's Eligibility in Seconds!

Trojan Eligibility centralizes your efforts by eliminating the need to contact multiple payers. Through a single source access point, you can verify patient eligibility and effective date and, in some cases, receive up-to-date benefit coverage such as individual waiting periods, plan maximum, remaining maximum, and deductibles - in a standardized, easy-to-read format.

How to Start?

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"The online eligibility and Trojan support is a great help and benefit; it makes my job a whole lot easier and faster; all information received is clear and adequate."
Rosie, Office Supervisor,
Kenneth Hirsch, DMD

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